A LOVE STORY (bring Kleenex)

Video by ezCater – all rights reserved 2019

Mario Johnson is no stranger to a kitchen and how to cook from the heart. He learned by watching from a little yellow stool his Grandmother Minerva cook. She had her “roots” in the land of cajun – Louisiana. Mario embraced it. From crawfish to barbecue – he loved to cook for others!

Years later, Mario took to the culinary arts in his hometown – San Fransisco – the bay area of California. Influenced by cajun and the fresh fish of the California coast – Mario set out to try and open up his own business – but the timing was never right.

Until he met and married – Rhonda Ross.

Together their love story is one about paying a homage to their family legacies, giving tribute to the tastes of Americana – including family recipes – and putting forth their very best for their customers.

ezCater recognized their hard work and created this ROOTS tribute video for Grandma’s House Catering. We thank them and would like to invite you to watch, share and comment.


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Grandma’s House Catering is offering our limited time deep fried turkey! Crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside!

Each year we make several hundred portions of our deep-fried turkey – and that never seems to be enough! Our recipe is a secret but our ordering is not. Simply CALL US at 510-520-3437 to order. We only cater this special treat to Los Angeles area customers who can pick-up their turkey on Thanksgiving Day. If you need a catered turkey another time- please call us or email us to make special arrangement. Email: Rhonda@GrandmasHouseCatering.com

SPICE it UP this FALL!

Autumn is here and so is the wafting smell of pumpkin and spice. The scents of fall are beloved and evoke memories of the holidays, from Halloween to New Year’s eve. We love it. We hope you do, too!

While we know that our clients order food for nourishment and to host an event – some make choices based on health. So, here are some of our favorite Fall spices and the potential health benefits that people tout. Read about potential benefits here.





So dig in to the apple and pumpkin pies. Have another dollop of sweet potato and enjoy making your meal full of Fall flavors!

Want to order pie from Grandma’s House Catering for your holiday meal? Let’s connect!